Boogie Music Bingo – Oxford Disco and Karaoke In Oxfordshire

Boogie Bingo in the latest twist on the traditional game of Bingo! We have replaced the numbers with 15 to 20 Seconds of well-known audio tracks.  Once you hear a track you have on your game card, dab it off!

We are proving this service to a wide variety clients from major business within their fields to charity organisations and fundraising events.

Get caught up in the music and play Boogie Bingo!

Watch our quick video that gives a great explanation of how Oxford Disco and Karaoke's Boogie Bingo works.

Where can I play Boogie Music Bingo?

Our ever-popular Boogie Music Bingo is played in various venues where the public can arrive and play.  You can find us at:

Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire - Boogie Music Bingo Poster
Oxford Disco and Karaoke - Black Horse Boogie Bingo Outside
Oxford Disco and Karaoke - Lord Nelson Boogie Bingo

We have over 30 great games ready to go covering everything from • Soul • Motown • Rock n  Roll • Dance • Reggae • Drum & Bass • Old Skool Rave • Happy Hardcore • Party • Afrobeat • Ska • Garage • Trance and much more!

Side Games

If the client chooses to, we can include a side game to the already fantastic Boogie Bingo game.  These games can cause just as much excitement as the main Boogie Bingo games and are played over a number of events.  If the jackpot isn't won, the jackpot rolls over to the next event at that venue.  The progressive jackpots can end up being large depending on the venues gaming licence.  We have been known to payout £1,000 cash!

The games we can offer are:

  • Jackpot Jokers (Find the joker in one of the envelopes)
  • Open The Box (Find the correct key to unlock the box and choose the jackpot envelope)
  • Jackpot Plinko (Drop the disc into the "Play 4 Jackpot" slot and then drop a disc into Win slot)
  • Jump The Pump (A lucky winner gets 60 seconds behind the bar to make as many drinks as they can)
Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire - Boogie Music Bingo Side Game Jackpot Jokers
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