Children Party – Oxford Disco And Karaoke in Oxfordshire

Oxford Disco and Karaoke - Kids Disco

The Kids Party is designed for younger kids up to around 10 years old.  If we have learnt anything over the years, it that children can keep going and going! - So let us help you keep the children entertained by keeping young people dancing and playing games with our 2-hour disco service.

The DJ will interact with the children and support a responsible adult with games if that is what you want to do? - Why not try having dancing competitions, playing Musical Chairs or our favourite Corners!  Maybe we can play music with a dance routine...who doesn't like Cha Cha Slide or Chu Chu Ua?

Prices start from £169

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The best thing about going to one of your little friend's party is knowing 2 things... You're going to get a slice of cake! and 2, there is going to be a disco or bouncy castle to laugh and play on.

Why not combine our children's disco and our big bouncy castle?

The Oxford Disco And Karaoke Dance & Bounce Disco Bouncy Castle can come with an integrated with its own disco lighting shining down on the people inside having fun. A great attraction that is popular with our clients (big ones and little ones alike!)

The Bouncy Castle is a 15ft by 16ft standing 12ft tall (4.6m x 4.8m x 3.6m) decorated in bright blue decoration and is supplied safely installed and staked into the ground or weighted down if indoors.  We supply safety instructions that must be adhered to by the client. If you wish, we can provide a uniformed attendant to supervise the equipment for you.

Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire Bouncy Castle
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