Oxford Silent Disco – Oxford Disco And Karaoke In Oxfordshire

Shhh... Secret Disco!

The best parties are the secret parties so why not help them be a secret by making them silent?

Time limitations because of sound do not need to stop the party with a Silent Disco hosted by Oxford Disco and Karaoke!

We provide headphones for you and your guests so you can listen to the music of our DJ's without it coming through normal speakers and being played loudly.

The best part of a Silent Disco is that we can provide 2 DJ's to play on separate decks, playing different music, on different channels of your headphones so your guests can choose which DJ they like, and when they want to swap, press the button on their headphones and listen to the other DJ.

When you want a break from listening to music, just put your headphones around your neck or pass them back to our assistants and talk to your friend, but believe us when we say you will be entertained by listening to the all the people trying to sing than talking to your friends.

Prices include 2 DJ's, disco lighting and the number of required headsets for 3hrs. Additional hours (or part of) is charged at £50 as per normal disco fees

Number of HeadsetsCostThis Includes
25£349.00Up to 25 Headsets, 2 DJ's live in the mix
50£399.00Up to 50 Headsets, 2 DJ's live in the mix
Up To An Additional 25 Headsets £50.00

Here is a Silent Disco in action

(Pssst... Turn the sound on at the bottom of the video)
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