Race Night Charity Fundraiser – Oxford Disco And Karaoke in Oxfordshire


Option A

£1.00 Stake
£5.00 Jockey Ownership
£10.00 Horse Ownership
JACKPOT Race (Big Money)


Option B

£1.00 Stake
£3.00 Jockey Ownership
£7.50 Horse Ownership
JACKPOT Race (Big Money)


Option C

£1.00 Stake
£2.00 Jockey Ownership
£5.00 Horse Ownership
JACKPOT Race (Big Money)


Charity Fundraiser & Win Big!

Race Nights are fun ways to raise needed funds for an organisation or charity of your choice. The odds can be chosen by you if you wish, but as standard we set them to 70%/30% in favour of the punters.

Our Race Nights come with a Compère who will professionally host the whole evening and help add to excitement.

All you have to do is decide on which option you would like to go for from the list above, and we will provide you everything needed to host the Race Night.

  • A3 Advertising Posters
  • A3 Owners Card
  • Digital Tote Calculator
  • Unique Betting Tickets

Big Money. Side Games. Jackpot Race

  • Be a Horse Owner to win big money from your bet. Average Option A return £60.00 (6/1 Odds)
  • The Owner of the winning Horse in each race is entered into the Jackpot Race free! (£80.00 winings)
  • Play our Side Games
    • Higher & Lower
    • Safe Cracker
    • Take It or Leave It
    • Football Card

Our Race Night has 8 races with 8 Horses in each race.  The races all have comentry, exciting finishes and are from real races.  No virtual races!
The side games are fully computerised and a great, fun, quick fire way to uplift your fundraising totals as well as giving good returns to your customers.  We recomend £1.00 stake / £30.00 Payout (30/1 odds)

Important Information

The actual odds and payouts are determined by each bet and the stake placed. Players must be 18 years old or older to bet. For full details, please refer to the Terms & Conditions of hire

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