Room Mood UpLighting – Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire

Other reasons to consider mood uplighting are:

    • Make rooms look higher.
    • Make rooms appear generally bigger.
    • Draw you and your guests' eyes to selected features in the venue.
    • Enhancing entrances and windows.
    • Emphasises columns or artwork
    • Helps highlight texture on a wall and brings visual details on surfaces such as wood or stone.

Our modern LED floor uplighting is a subtle but yet perfect way to enhance your decor and set the mood helping to produce the perfect intimate and an inviting atmosphere using colours. Our uplighting is ideal to fit in with a room's existing lighting such as fairy lights and soft ceiling lighting.

We can reproduce many colour styles from soft pastels, and whites, bold staggering static colours and even hot colours such as hot pink by incorporating ultraviolet.

In the day we set the fixtures to be a static colour such as a couples' wedding colours or corporate colour branding.  In the evening we can very quickly set the lighting to work in sync with our disco lighting or if you are hiring our room uplighting to work alongside other entertainers, not a problem, we can leave the lighting to remain static or have the lighting to smoothly colour change or even be sound active and flash alongside your entertainments lighting.

Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire Star Lit Dance Floor White

There is no exact since to how many fixtures a particular room will require.  To help, we estimate you would require:

Up to 8 Fixtures for a small room
Up to 12 Fixtures for a medium room
Up to 16 Fixtures for a large room

Prices start from £169.00 for 8 fixtures. Prices are discounted if hired alongside our professional disco

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