Terms & Conditions, FAQ’s

Terms & Conditions

This section is what Oxford Disco and Karaoke and you as the client agree to when we complete an agreement.  If you have any questions, please do get in contact with us.


This contract reflects the verbal agreement. It shall include any terms agreed prior to its issue. It shall be deemed un-accepted unless the booking form and the reservation fee is not received by Oxford Disco & Karaoke within 7 days of the issuing date. Please Note: by not completing or not sending the booking form but paying the reservation fee, you agree that you are making a confirmed booking and entering a contract which carries your acceptance, in full, of the booking terms.

1.1  The person signing the booking form will be considered to be the customer (Hereinafter as the “client”).

1.2  If failure to send a signed booking form back to Oxford Disco And Karaoke, the person identified on the booking form under ‘Client Details’ will be considered the client.

1.3  Oxford Disco And Karaoke or their suppliers' will be providing the entertainment and/or other services (hereinafter referred to as “ODAK”)

1.4  The entertainment to be provided by ODAK is described as the playback of musical recordings through sound equipment with occasional “DJ” narration and where applicable, with the provision of disco lighting (Hereinafter referred to as the “performance").

1.5  Other products provided or available from ODAK will be described as "Services" and with the applicable and agreed "extras". For example, a second individual printed photograph from the photo booth known as “double prints”

1.6  The DJ(s) will be referred to hereinafter as the “Artist(s)”. The personal supervising equipment will be referred to hereinafter as the “Attendants”.

1.7  The place of the performance or hire of the service is at the venue identified in the Venue Details section of the booking form. (Hereinafter referred to as the “venue").

1.8  The date of any services or performance. (Hereinafter referred to as the "Performance / Hire date") shall be stated on the booking form in the Date of Event section.


2.1  Reservation fee: you agree to our reservation fee which is payable and non-refundable in advance to secure each service. The reservation fee is deducted from the price quoted.

2.2  Reservation fees must be received within seven days of ODAK sending the dated booking form email. Failure to do so will result in the service or performance being canceled, the date release to other potential clients.

2.3  The total balance / outstanding balance must be paid and funds cleared four weeks before the Performance / Hire Please allow time for cheque payment clearance.

2.4  If cheque payments are refused by the client’s bank/building society, or the bank of ODAK, the said cheque will not be honored as payment and any associated fees will be paid by the client along with outstanding balances in full by means of cash within 24 hours of notification.

2.5  Cheques should be made payable to Gary Coles.

2.6  In the event of non-payment of the full fee prior to the Performance, the Performance will not take place and any payments already made will be forfeited to the Operator.

2.7  Should ODAK agree to a specific variation and exception to these normal Terms and Conditions to accept payment after the performance, then in the event of non-payment after the Performance / Hire date, or failure to pay any applicable cancellation fees, the client will be liable for any unpaid balance, plus a £10.00 fee for each request for payment issued, plus all reasonable collection and solicitor's fees. Unpaid balances will incur interest at the rate of 5% for each month for which the balance is outstanding.

2.8  ODAK does not provide any service where payment for the service is subsidized by paying guests. The exception for this is where agreed by ODAK for the hire of a Bouncy Castle on a "Pay As You Play".  The hire fee will be payable in the normal period prior to the event with an agreed amount being refunded pending the "takings" being calculated after the event.


3.1  The client shall have the right to cancel the booking by serving upon ODAK not less than 28 clear days’ notice in writing. In the event of the client wishing to cancel this contract agreement for any reason other than Act of God or National Disaster, any advance reservation payment will be forfeited.

    • A cancellation fee of not less than 50% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within eighty-four days of the performance.
    • A cancellation fee of not less than 75% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within fifty-six days of the performance.
    • A cancellation fee of not less than 100% of the agreed fee will be due if the cancellation is within twenty-eight days of the performance.
    • Corporate cancellation fee applies. Refer to Event Specific Conditions.

3.2  If the client chooses to cancel their booking, any required payments are to be paid in full within twenty-eight days of notification or by the original "invoice due" on the booking form if this date is less than twenty-eight days.

3.3  In the unlikely event that ODAK is unable to attend personally due to accident or sudden illness, ODAK shall endeavor to provide a suitable substitute offering a similar service at no additional charge to the client. This does not apply in circumstances detailed below.

3.4  Force Majeure – ODAK will not be liable for failing to attend a booking, where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions (including Snow & Flooding), road closure, road traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, fuel shortages, acts of terrorism, industrial action, or other unavoidable circumstances deemed beyond our control.


4.1  The client agrees that the confirmed services and the individual start and finish times specified in the “Hours” section of the booking form are accurate and correct. Any extension beyond the confirmed finish time is at the discretion of ODAK and the management of the venue. See Extended Performance Time for ‘Overtime Charge’.


5.1  Overtime Charge: Any extension to the agreed performance or hire times will be charged in addition to the booking fee per hour (or part hour), thereafter, which shall be in cash and payable in advance before commencement of extended entertainment at the sum of £50.00 for up to one hour, per hour. (For example, 1 ½ hours extra would be charged at £100, as would 1 hour 59 minutes)

5.2  Performance time and ‘overtime’ is restricted to a maximum of eight hours in a 24-hour period. Unless already agreed at the time of booking, the client agrees to make provision for suitable overnight accommodation to the satisfaction of the artist(s) and or attendants if time is exceeded.


6.1  The client will appreciate that suitable time for venue access, safe installation, and dismantling and safe removal of equipment from the venue is required in addition to performance time. Therefore, the client and venue will allow suitable time for the installation and dismantling and removal of any disco or other hired equipment (up to 90 minutes each side of the performance times per service). Where appropriate, the client will also inform the venue, in advance, of ODAK requirements. Please note: ODAK shall not be liable for any additional charges levied to the client by the venue in relation to equipment assembly/removal timescales.

6.2  The client must ensure that the venue is reserved for an adequate length of time, including the time required for the installation, dismantling, and safe removal of equipment, as per the stated requirements. If the finishing time as stated in the booking, plus the time required for dismantling and removal of equipment, is found to be later than that allowed at the venue and the performance has to be curtailed, or the start of the performance has to be delayed due to insufficient time being allowed to set up the equipment, no refund will be given.

6.3  The setting up of any equipment may take place earlier than directly before the performance. The client understands that the client is responsible for the equipment and ensuring it is not lost, stolen or damaged in any way while staff or contractors of ODAK are not present at the venue site.

6.4  In the event of the venue being unsuitable or dangerous, or the failure of a non-structured building or marquee to provide adequate facilities and protection, ODAK reserves the right not to provide services or to end the services in the interest of health and safety and the whole performance fee will remain payable.

6.5  Where the event is being held in a marquee, the client will ensure that the work area is dry and that a minimum of 2x 13A power sockets per service is located within 15 meters of this required service location area. Please note: Bad Weather or impending bad weather on the day will not allow ODAK or contracted artiste(s) to commence entertainment outdoors under any circumstance.

6.6  ODAK will not be liable for any refund, in part or whole, where ODAK are late accessing the venue and setting up purely because of earlier events over-running, or where ODAK are prevented from accessing, setting up or providing our professional services by the venue management. Neither will ODAK be obligated to provide an extension to the agreed timescale on a pro-rata basis in these circumstances.

6.7  ODAK will require parking spaces on-site to park/load/unload our vehicles before, during and after events.  The client is responsible to ensure this has been arranged before the day and has been arranged with the venue.

6.8  Where the venue does not have its own parking facilities, ODAK reserves the right to pass on any additional parking fees for a refund by the client. Please note: that in accordance with Health and Safety laws, ODAK will refuse to work at venues where illegal or hazardous parking is required to unload the vehicle. This also applies to general health and safety concerns within the venue such as navigating cluttered or unlit stairways and exits.

6.9  Where services are to be provided outside, adequate weatherproof marquee must be provided. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of hire/service without a refund.

6.10  Where the venue is in a marquee or outside, the client must provide an adequate, level flooring, or stage. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of hire/service without a refund.


7.1  The client will ensure that safe and adequate power is available for the artiste’s performance.

7.2  The client ensures that they have verified the venue power sources are electrically safe and conform to the HSE EAW Act 1989, and amendments thereafter. Copies of venue Electrical Installation Safety Certificate (Periodic Inspection Report to NIC EIC standards) must be made available upon request by the venue under LAW.

7.3  ODAK will provide a copy of their Public Liability Insurance and A PAT (Portable Appliance Test) certificate for inspection prior to the performance/hire date on request.

7.4  ODAK will not be responsible for any damage caused by the guests to the building where the services are provided, nor the building's contents.

7.5  Should the venue need to be evacuated for any reason the responsibility for ensuring that this is done will not rest with ODAK or artist(s).

7.6 Should special measures be in place such as social distancing, the client is responsible to ensure their guests follow the safe practices and advice from the government or local authority that has the authority to set guidelines.

7.7 ODAK may restrict the number of users to any of their equipment during any hire periods to manage social distancing during an event.

7.8 Artiste(s) or attendants have the authority to stop a performance or service if they feel anybody's health and safety is at risk from anybody failing to follow social distancing measures.  The performance or service will start again if the Artiste(s) or attendants feel it safe to do.  Any loss of hire time will not be refunded.


8.1  ODAK will not be held responsible for sound levels at venues that have sound limiters fitted.

8.2  The client will inform ODAK prior to Performance / Hire date confirmation if the venue has an installation of a sound limiter. Please note ODAK reserve the right to decline a performance at venues with a sound limiter installed.


9.1  The client agrees to arrange suitable changing facilities for the artist(s) or attendants as required.


10.1  The client will arrange for reasonable refreshment for the artist(s) and attendants during the expected playing and hire times. If performances or hires are planned for 6 hours or greater, this will include a meal.

10.2  The client is to arrange for a “tab” to be set up for artist(s) and attendants if refreshments or meals are provided by pay on-demand services such as a bar or kiosk.


11.1  Neither ODAK nor artist(s) and attendants shall be in no way liable for breach of bylaws or conditions under which the venue is leased, hired, or entrusted to the venue management.

11.2  The client will notify ODAK that all appropriate licenses as required by law are in force at the time of performance(s).


12.1  The client agrees to provide adequate supervision of guests and will ensure that venue management adequately supervises customers and or staff on-site premises. Please note: Where the function may include guests under the age of 18 years, the client, (or parent) is responsible for the behaviour and safety of any minors attending the venue. The client will provide and maintain adequate adult supervision always and ensure that these persons do not interfere with any equipment or with the artist(s) or attendants performing their duties.

12.2  ODAK will not be liable for the supervision of any guest.

12.3  Unwarranted Abuse or threatening behaviour from client’s guests or venue management or venue staff will not be tolerated and will result in the any all services and/or performance being terminated with no loss to the artist(s) or ODAK at the full digression of the artist(s), attendants or management of ODAK.


13.1  Any enquiry to the artist(s) in respect of any future engagement by guests, customers and or staff must be transacted through ODAK.


14.1  Only the Artist(s) and their assistant(s) may operate the equipment. Under no circumstances may unauthorised personnel tamper with, move or attempt to use the equipment owned by, or under the control of ODAK. ODAK cannot accept responsibility for damage to property, or injury to persons caused directly or indirectly by third-party interference.

14.2  The client agrees that compensation and any additional costs may be sought for any loss of or damage directly or indirectly to hired equipment, performing artists(s) equipment, vehicle(s) or personal belongings caused by client’s guests, venue customers and or venue staff including any installed sound limiters.

14.3  ODAK reserve the right to charge for repair or replacement of any equipment damaged lost or stolen, howsoever arising, during the period of hire and times where the equipment is set up. The Client's liability is for the full replacement value of the equipment and any cables.

14.4  Any equipment damaged, lost or stolen during the period of performance or where while the equipment is set up on location or stored in the venue grounds ready for hire will remain on hire and chargeable at our published prices until all repairs are complete and paid for in full, or the equipment has been replaced by the hirer paying for the replacement of all lost, stolen or damaged equipment and the equipment is again available for further hire.

14.5  Equipment will be deemed to be on hire until any invoices' for repairs or replacements, relating to that equipment have been paid for in full by the hirer.

14.6  ODAK will not be held responsible for the way some people may be affected by strobe lighting, sound, fog and haze effect, any other lighting, or any other effect, that may be used. The client must advise the artist(s) or attendant prior to the commencement of the performance or service if any specific sound, lighting, or other effects should be avoided.

14.7  Smoke or Haze machines will only be used with the prior written consent of the venue management.

14.8  ODAK or their artist(s) and attendants will not be liable for any fee or invoice presented by any venue or public service for the activation of any fire alarm or subsequent evacuation for any reason including the use of a haze, smoke, or dry ice machine.

14.9  In the rare event of any equipment failure, an onsite repair will be attempted. If there is an irreparable full breakdown in the sound equipment for a disco, camera of the photo booth, or the fan for the bouncy castle, a refund will be given under the following circumstances.

    • Less than 10% of the performance is completed 100%
    • More than 10% but less than 40% of the performance 50%
    • More than 40% but less than 75% of the performance 25%
    • More than 75% of the performance Nil.


15.1  Where ODAK is engaged to work alongside a band, (or other entertainers) it is the client’s responsibility to ensure that adequate space exists within the venue for both entertainers to set up their equipment and that separate power outlets exist. See Health & Safety


Disco / Karaoke

16.1.1  Any special tracks that are requested to be played during the performance must be emailed to ODAK at least seven days prior to the event.

16.1.2  Any recording must be provided in 320kbps MP3 format. Other formats may result in the track not able to be played by the DJ software.

Silent Disco

16.2.1  The hire of the Silent Disco add-on to a disco package requires a £250 refundable deposit to be paid by the client on top of the agreed fee for ODAK’s services.

16.2.2  The deposit of £250 will be refunded to the client the next working day following an inspection of the silent disco equipment. Any loss or damage over a repair or replacement fee of £250 however caused will be payable in line with the “Equipment” section of this document.

Children's Parties

16.3.1  The artist(s) will assist with the presentation of games, however; it remains the responsibility of the client to conduct any games

16.3.2  Any games must be conducted safely. ODAK cannot accept any liability for any person suffering an injury however caused by any participation or observation of any games.

Dance Floors

16.4.1.  Due to the outside influences that dance floors are subject to throughout an event, ODAK is unable to guarantee 100% LED reliability through the entirety of an event. There are many factors that can disrupt the dance floors which include but not limited to excess spillages of drinks, static, movement of dance floor due to uneven floors. The dance floor will be in full working condition when installed. ODAK will not accept responsibility for any failures throughout an event.

16.4.2  The client will ensure guests wear appropriate footwear while on the dance floor

Confetti Cannon

16.5.1  ODAK is by no means responsible for the clear up or movement of any the confetti once it has been set off.  The sole responsibility is with the client and/or to arrange with the venue management.

Photo Booth

16.6.1  The Photo Booth usually provides at least one physical printed photograph at the time of use. This will be handed to one of the “guests” to keep.

16.6.2  A second print can be provided as long as it is agreed with ODAK during the initial "Booking" stage.

16.6.3  In the unlikely event of a failure of any media or the printer that ODAK is not able to rectify during the event, ODAK will supply all physical copies of images taken at the event within seven working days of any failure being rectified. As a part of good-will and resolution, ODAK will discount £50 off any future photo booth booking.

Sweet Cart / Ferris Wheel

16.7.1  Any Sweet Cart or Ferris Wheel will be fully assembled prior to use.

16.7.2  Where confectioneries are to be supplied by ODAK, the variety of the confectioneries are subject to change at any point and without notice.

16.7.3  Confectioneries may contain any of, or a combination of NUT, GLUTEN, WHEAT, DAIRY, and E NUMBERS. ODAK will not accept responsibility for guests who consume any confectionery when they have or suspect of having allergies.

16.7.4  The Client is liable to ensure any guests are made aware of the potential ingredient in the confectionery supplied.

Race Night

16.8.1  For a full Jackpot Race, prior to each horse race, all eight of the Horses & Jockey's ownership must be sold for the bets to be accepted. Failure to fulfill this will result in that race ownership bets being void and refunded which will be reflected in the amount winnable in the Jackpot Race.

16.8.2  All guests placing bets directly or indirectly must be aged 18 or older. Identification may be required and can be refused at the full discretion of the Artist(s) on the night.

Boogie Music Bingo

16.9.1  All guests purchasing game cards directly or indirectly must be aged 18 or older if playing for cash prizes or alcohol. Identification may be required and can be refused at the full discretion of the Artist(s) on the night.

16.9.2  Any prizes are to be provided by the Client prior to the event performance times.

16.9.3  A "side game" that is played at any venue may accrue winnings which if not won rollover to the next ODAK presented event until won. This will be known as the "progressive jackpot".

16.9.4  If a venue chooses to cancel Boogie Bingo or the side game, then any winnings in the "progressive jackpot" will be forfeited.

Inflatable Castle

16.10.1 The client acknowledges that by signing the booking form they agree to the terms and conditions set out in this document but also to follow the detailed safety information set out in the booking form headed “Agreement of Hire”.

Corporate Bookings

16.11.1  Corporate Bookings may be confirmed verbally and without the emailed booking form being completed. In this instance, the terms and conditions set out in this document are still applicable.

16.11.2  Reservation Fees may not be required to secure the booking(s).

16.11.3  Cancellation Fees of not less than 100% is payable for any performances or services cancelled with less than sixty days till the event. Fees not less than 50% of any performances or services cancelled for events with over sixty days' notice.

16.11.4  Bulk bookings can be undertaken, and where possible, all fees agreed at the time of booking (verbally or written) will be upheld for the duration of the booked events, however; in the event that prices are required to increase before the end of agreed bookings, then at least twenty-eight days written notice will be given by ODAK to the client.

16.11.5  The person completing the form must be authorised or had authorisation from a more senior manager to bind the business into the agreement. If the person completing the form and signing does so without the authorisation of the business, then the booking(s) will transfer to an individual private booking(s) with the signed person becoming the responsible “Client” and any associated fees.


17.1  Neither the client nor ODAK may make any alterations to these Terms and Conditions without the agreement of both the client and ODAK prior to the performance.

17.2  The Client may not transfer the booking to another party without the prior written consent of ODAK.

17.3  ODAK reserves the right to refuse any booking without prejudice.

17.4  The Client agrees that any images captured, recording of video and/or audio remains the copyright of ODAK and can be used for advertising and promotional purposes.

17.5  Both Client and ODAK must be legally able and have the full legal capacity to execute the Agreement on the agreed Performance / Hire In the case of an event held for a person or persons under eighteen years of age, a representative aged eighteen or over must sign the booking form and accept responsibility for all aspects of the booking.

17.6  In signing the contract, physically or electronically, or by paying the fee in part or full, I [the client] agree that I have read the Terms and Conditions of hire and acknowledge booking details contained herein are correct.

17.7  E. & O.E


July 2020
Health and Safety
January 2020 Restructure of T&C’s numbering.
January 2019 Restructure of T&C’s to be more relevant and to include individual services.
May 2017 Event Specific Conditions - Race Night

We strongly advise that you take out wedding or event insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

We couldn't possibly answer all the questions, but here are a few to give the answer now. If you still need some advice or would like to ask us a question, please fee to contact using the online enquiry form or by email


What music do you have?

We hold an extensive music collection ranging as far back as the 1920s through the decades up to the present day and latest releases.  This covers many genres such as Disco, Party, Rock, Indie, Dance, Urban, Rock n Roll, Reggae, Dancehall & Bashment, Motown and many more.

Will you take requests?

Absolutely, if you would like us to we will take requests, the choice is yours. We can either play to your specific playlist or incorporate requests from your guests into the party.

Do you talk on the Mic?

Yes, in general, our DJ's will conduct announcements, narrate during mixes and help with the coordination of your event.

What variety of parties have you performed at?

We have performed at many different types of events ranging from large and small corporate events to Birthday Parties, Engagements and of course, Weddings. Our DJ's have also performed at High Street Bar and held Night Club residencies and much more.

What types of DJ's do you have?

We have experienced male and female DJ's working alongside us with a wide range of skills ensuring that we can supply the best-suited DJ for your event.

Can I plug in my device and play a song from Spotify/YouTube?

Unfortunately, this isn't something we are able to allow.  We pay a premium to purchase "DJ only" audio tracks that are licenced by Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and MCPS. These tracks are supplied in the highest quality.  Streaming sites can provide a lower quality of file which when played through our system might be noticeably lesser quality than what we pride ourselves on.


What Size Dance Floors Can You Provide?

The dance floors come in 2-foot sections and are usually fired square or rectangular.  For example, you may choose to hire a floor 16ft by 16ft for an evening of dancing or maybe in 4ft wide by 40ft long to be a star-lit aisle you walk down as you get married.

What Colour Floors Can You Provide?

The two most popular floors we are asked for are the Twinkle Star-lit LED floors that come in plain White or Black with a high-gloss finish.  If you are more a traditional dance floor person, we provide the much-loved black and white chequered too without LED's.

We have access to a wide range of dance floor thanks to friends of ours who we are able to work with.  They can provide Purple | Red | Blue | Pink.  We have access to more unusual colour selections such as Green | Yellow | Orange | Mirror | Zebra Print | Giraffe Print | Snow Flake | and many more. Examples of these can be found on our Dance Floor page.

Is There A Delivery Fee?

Our prices include the fee associated with local delivery, set up and removal.  If this fee is increased for any reason, we would let you know before agreeing to the hire.


What Size Are The Letters?

Each letter is 4ft tall and around 2ft wide.

What Colours Can The Lights Produce?

We use intelligent LED technology in our Giant LOVE Letters which are able to produce eight different colours: White | Red | Green | Blue | Ice Blue | Yellow | Purple | Ice White.  An example video can be found on the website.

Can The Bulbs Flash?

It is up to you! - They can be set to a solid colour or be set to one of the 130+ patterns the controller allows.

Do The Bulbs Get Hot?

The bulbs are all low power LED so are safe if a little hand was to touch one by mistake.

Can I just hire the L.O.V.E letters?

Absolutely! You can choose to hire the letters for the whole day or for the evening.  You can even package them with one of our other services.


How Big Is Your Booth?

Our biggest and most popular booth is our "Top of the Shoots" oval-shaped booth which measures 2.3m in length, 1.3m wide and 2.1m tall.

How Many of Us Can We Fit In The Booth?

We allow up to 5 people at any one time.  This can be limited to 4 depending on the behaviour of your guests, especially the intoxicated friends.  This is to lower the risk of damage to the booth.

Can Children Use The Booth?

Absolutely they can! Children absolutely love dressing up and getting in the booth.  We can provide a mini step for the children to stand on so they reach the height of the camera.

What equipment do you use?

We use a high quality professional Digital SLR camera to take the photo's (No iPad's or Webcams for us!) and use a professional Mitsubishi dye-sub printing to give a lab-quality professional 6x4' photograph within 20 seconds and the print will be dry, fade-free and waterproof straight away.

Can You Make Custom Templates For The Photograph?

Yes.  All our templates are made by our operators for each event.  This is made prior to your event and made with your details on.  For examples of this, pop over to our Classic Photo Booth Section.

Does The Booth Come With Props?

Grab a prop and strike a pose is what is said! - Dress up to your heart's content. Or go in as you are! You've spent time and effort getting ready so why not show off as you are.


What Sweet Stands Do You Provide?

You can choose from our very sweet vintage sweet cart or you can take advantage of our Ferris Wheel and Mini Sweet Cart.  The Vintage Cart does hold more products than the Ferris Wheel.

Do You Provide The Sweets and Which Ones?

We can do yes or we can leave this to you.  In most, we supply well-known varieties manufactured by the likes of Tuck Shop, Haribo and Millions.

Do You Provide The Sweet Bags, Jars, Tongs and Scoops?

We can do yes or we can leave this to you.  It is your choice.

I Have Seen Doughnuts On Your Cart. Which Ones Can I Have?

You can choose from Ring Doughnuts with coloured icing and sprinkles, jam-filled doughnuts or even Krispy Kreme all of which are freshly made on the day and displayed on our vintage styled sweet cart.

Can I Take The Left Over Sweets/Doughnuts Home?

Yes.  If you would like them, you are more than welcome to them as we cannot use them again. If you leave any when we are packing down, we will take them away and dispose of them for you.


What types of Bouncy Castle Do You Have?

The Oxford Disco and Karaoke Bouncy Castle is a large 16ft x 15ft A Framed castle.  It stands 12.5ft tall so really is an impressive size.  It is powered by a 2hp fan "blower"

Can Adults or Children Use This Inflatable?

Our castle is good for children and adults, even those over 1.8m tall. (Which many castles are not)

Can The Castle Be Used In The Rain?

In general, we try not to use the equipment while it rains for H&S reasons.  The castle does have a built-in rain cover to protect against those little spots of rain that fall.  If it is raining more than just very light "spitting" then the castle must not be used.

Can I use the Castle In Doors?

Yes, as long as it fits safely and can be anchored down.

Will You Hire Out For Pay As You Go?

It isn't usually something we provide.  This said we have done so successfully at events such as Football Tournaments and Charity Events where large numbers are guaranteed. There is a refundable charge, but we love to do our bit and join in with the community.

Is the Castle Properly Maintained and Insured?

Yes, it is. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile ensuring we lower risk.  The castle is subject to tough annual PIPA testing by an independent company.  Our business insurance covers us for £5million of public liability.

What Power Do You Need?

1x 13 amp UK plug socket.  If needed, we may source a generator blower.


What is Boogie Bingo?

Boogie Bingo is growing fast as the best version of Bingo where we have replaced the traditional numbers with much-loved music tracks playing the best 15 to 20 seconds of every track.  Once we play the track and call the title of the track out, you cross it off your game card till we have a winner.

How Long Do Games Last?

The games last up to twenty minutes per game.  In reality, the games do not last the full amount of time because the games are won before the last track is called.

What Do You Win?

This is totally up to the client.  You are also free to choose how many times claims can be made per game. For example, you can choose the games to play for a single line winner before moving onto a full house winner.

When the games are played publically, the client tends to choose cash prizes for the winner(s).  This is made up of a percentage of the money taken in sales per game.  Usually, the prizes increase in value as we move on through the games.  This helps build tension and excitement as the game's progress.

Can You Choose Who Wins?

No, sorry.  The tracks are played at random.  The hosts are unable to tell you which game card is going to win.  We are unable to choose if there is only one winner or more for each winning call.

What Games Can You Play?

We have games ready to play but given enough time to prepare, any game can be made for a client.  For example, if you wanted a game where only Elvis Presley tracks were played, this would be possible.

The games we have ready to play already are:

  • The '60s & '70s Soul & Motown
  • Hits of the 1970s
  • Ultimate '80s
  • Poptastic '90s
  • The Forgotten '90s
  • Hits of the 2000s
  • The 2010s Number 1s
  • Afrobeat to Reggae
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What Documents Do You Have?

We are a fully insured business which prides ourself on being honest and above board.

  • We have £5million Public Liability cover (PLI) and £1million Professional Indemnity.
  • All our equipment is electrically safe and has passed Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) which is tested annually.
  • Our Bouncy Castle has a valid Pertexa Inflatable Play Accreditation (PIPA) test certificate.
  • The Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) for Oxford Disco and Karaoke are ready and available.

The documents can be sent over on request to venues or management on request or they can download it directly from the website.

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