Wedding Decoration – Oxford Disco And Karaoke in Oxfordshire

We offer a superb set of new light fixtures, dance floors, decoration fittings that look beautiful set in any newlywed's decoration and style. The decoration is a very popular, in-demand service that we hire to our clients. That is because we are able to personalise it for you and your partner.

We have invested a huge amount of time and money working with the manufacturers to ensure we have effective, clean, beautiful fixtures that are appropriate and in keeping with any decor. Our passion insists in quality, and quality is what we are able to deliver!

Giant LOVE Letters

L.O.V.E. lit letters

  • Beautiful white 4ft tall individual letters.
  • Lit with RGB Cochon LED Bulbs.
  • With over 130 Controlled programmes for excellent lighting display.

Perfect for day and night use.  We often install these letters with a solid colour during the day and allow them to work with the disco or band in the evening adding a great lighting display to the dance floor

Oxford Disco And Karaoke In Oxfordshire - Giant LOVE Letters (Colour)
Star Lit Dance Floor White

Twinkle Star Lit Dance Floor

  • Twinkle Star Lit Dance Floor
    • Available in Gloss White or Gloss Black
    • White LED lights that twinkle
    • Variable sizes to fit you needs
    • Perfect enhancement for your first dance photo's

The Dance floor is where the part begins, and why not have a dance floor that joins in the disco actions and let your guests dance the night away on these stunning features.  Adding some haze, and the first dance photo's become magical.

All our dance floors lock into place and are wire and gap free.

Traditional Dance Floor

  • Traditional Dance Floor
    • Available in Gloss White, Gloss Black or Black & White
    • Variable sizes to fit you needs
    • Perfect enhancement for your first dance photo's
    • Useable in venues or Marquees.

The Dance floor is where the party begins and the centrepiece to the evening reception. All of our dance floors lock into place without gaps giving your guests a great area to dance the night away as well as making a great focal point for your photos.

Traditional Dance Floor Checkered
Oxford Disco and Karaoke Pink Uplighting

Decorative Up-Lighting

  • Decorative Up-Lighting
    • Draw you and your guests' eyes to selected features in the venue with colour wash uplighting
    • Match your Wedding colours with over one million colours choices using the intelligent lighting fixtures.

Uplighting is the subtle but yet perfect way to enhance your decoration especially as we use intelligent lighting which shines your wedding colours in the day and is programmed to work in sync with the disco lighting at night to bring the whole room into the party!

Personalised Monograms & Gobo Projection.

  • Personalised Monograms & Gobo Projection.
    • This feature is a light that projects an image onto a wall or the dancefloor.
    • 10 Wedding designs you can choose from or;
    • Personalise with your name or initials wrapped in love hearts.

Have your name in lights! In fact, project for all to see.  Personalised with your names or initials is a great decorative feature.  Our intelligent lighting can be zoomed and focused onto any wall making it possible to have a tight image or one that fills a big wall.

Oxford Disco & Karaoke - Personalised Custom GOBO
Haze / Fog Machine

Light Enhancing Haze

  • Light Enhancing Haze
    • Adds great effects in photo's and helps them look magical.
    • See the beams of light shining when thin haze is put in the air without thick clouds of smoke.
    • Haze contributes to the atmosphere of the disco experience.
    • Really shows off the intelligent lighting.
    • Is NOT the same as a fog machine.

Not considered by most till they see it in action, Haze really adds an extra dynamic to the intelligent lighting.  Our effects are already programmed with great effects on their own credit, however; utilising haze helps bring out the detail in the lighting and brings the whole disco experience to life.

LED Silk Flame Effect Machines

  • LED Silk Flame Effect Machines
    • Multi coloured LED's light the silk and flicker to give a flame effect.
    • Great as a Grand Entrance door feature or as a Disco feature.
    • Can be programmed to change through the colour spectrum or set to a set colour.
    • Can be incorporated within our uplighting fixtures.

Standing 1.5m tall, these eye-catching effects are a great focal point often used at door entrances or with the disco.  Loved by children, and turn out to be a great source of entertainment for the adults by the end of the drinking because the machines do blow out a good amount of air which is amazing when the room gets a little warm!

Flame Effect Machines

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Feel free to contact us about any part of our decoration service.  We will be more than happy to help you.