Dance Floors – Oxford Disco And Karaoke in Oxfordshire

Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire Star Lit Black & White Strip - Green LED
Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire White & Black Stripe Star Lit Dance Floor in Twinkle Mode
Oxford Disco and Karaoke in Oxfordshire Tradional Chequared Dance Floor

Dance Floors

Your guests need to dance on something, and what perfect floors we have to allow that to happen.

You can choose from having traditional high gloss finish dance floor to the new Twinkle Star Lit LED dance floors or even a fully illuminated retro "Night Fever" dance floor.

Perfect for any occasion, whether you are Bride looking to have a magical look to your photo's or whether you are celebrating a birthday, our dance floors are the great addition to your decoration.

For pricing, please scroll past the images of the different dance floors on offer.  Discounted prices are offered when hired with our Professional Disco

Star Lit Dance Floors

These are the most popular dance floors we are able to offer our clients.  The built-in LED's look amazing when they are twinkling like stars in the sky or when they are set of fade between the colours.  If you choose, you can have the lights solid on.  The lighting in the floor can be set to Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink/Purple, Turquoise or White.

Traditional Dance Floors

These are absolutely perfect for any occasion!  Always being hired for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Award Nights, Company Events... the list goes on!  Slightly cheaper than the LED versions, but look just as great.

Bespoke Dance Floors

We work alongside a great company who can supply bespoke dance floors on request.  Have a look at the images here that have been hired already and see if there is anything that takes your eye.  If you have a question about the dance floors that starts "Can you make.... ?" then get in touch.  Maybe you fancy having your new married name on the centre square? Perhaps Happy Birthday? Prices vary on these designs due to the complexity of the designs.

Price Checker

Size (ft)Number of People At EventWhite LED Star LitBlack LED Star LitBlack & White (Traditional)Black (Traditional)White (Traditional)Retro Night Fever (Fully Illuminated)
12x12100£369£369£349£349£349Dependant of the Venue due to weight
All prices include delivery charges, installation and collection